2007 Workshop Montréal

1245 Registration – Saint Charles Room, Fairmont Queen Elizabeth Hotel

1300 Welcome and Introductions (Steve Sawyer and JP Allen)

1320 Integration of tools and systems in inter-disciplinary team work – Torstein Hjelle, Norwegian University of Science and Technology

1340 Users and information systems: Two empty concepts that mean so much – Steve Sawyer, Penn State University, and Erik Stolterman, Indiana University

1400 A longitudinal investigation of practice adaptation in a successful open source development project – Mary Beth Watson-Manheim, University of Illinois, Chicago, Katherine M. Chudoba, Utah State University, and Sanjeev Jha, University of Illinois, Chicago

1420 Establishment of pervasive control mechanisms as a consequence of compliance with the Sarbanes-Oxley act – Gasparas Jarulaitis, Norwegian University of Science and Technology

1440 Is IT employment in the United States really hurt by off shoring and work immigration? – Sonia Vilvovsky, Bentley College

1500 The three modalities of work and their needs for IT support – Markku I. Nurminen, University of Turku

1520 Break

1540 How the new web is embedding itself in everyday life and work – Jonathan P. Allen, University of San Francisco

1600 The role of professional networking websites in business relationship building – Lih-Bin Oh, National University of Singapore, and Yao Zhang, Xiamen University

1620-1700 Discussion on pursuing high-value research on computing and work: What should IFIP 9.1 be doing to support high-value research on computing and work!? Moderated by Steve Sawyer and JP Allen