2007 Workshop St. Gallen

1330 Registration: Information Point, University of St. Gallen

1400 Welcome and introductions (Steve Sawyer, JP Allen)

1415 Virtual Teams and Communication: Julie Cameron, University of New South Wales

1430 Collaborative Work in Automobile Engineering Centres: Mascha Will-Zocholl, Technical University of Darmstadt [slides]

1445 The Power of Lightweight Knowledge through Social Networking: JP Allen, University of San Francisco

1500 On Studying Socially Constructed Reality: Pertti Järvinen, University of Tampere

1515 Informatization and Increasing Demands on Knowledge and Subjectivity: Rudi Schmiede, Technical University of Darmstadt [slides]

1530 BREAK – Kaffee und Kuchen!

1545 Working Among Systems and Users as Bridges: Steve Sawyer, The Pennsylvania State University

1600 Organizations and SAP-Systems–Social Effects of Technical Systems: Brita Hohlmann, Technical University of Darmstadt [slides]

1615 The Impact of Information Systems on Organizational Culture: The Case of a Digital Library: Christina Serrano and Marie-Claude Boudreau, University of Georgia

1630 Service Oriented Architecture – A Field of Research for Social Informatics: Sebastian Remer, Technical University of Darmstadt [slides]

1645 Technology Use, Outsourcing and Networking Processes: The Example of German Call Centers: Jessica Longen, Technical University of Darmstadt [slides]

1700 Discussion

1730 BREAK

1800 IFIP 9.1 Business Meeting