2008 Workshop San Diego

Organized by
Steve Sawyer, Syracuse University
Rudi Schmiede, Technical University Darmstadt
JP Allen, University of San Francisco

0845 Registration – St. Tropez Room, San Diego Hilton Resort on Mission Bay

0900 Opening Remarks and Introductions

0915 Taming the Participatory Monster: Approaches to Conceptualizing Work in the Age of Web 2.0 – Werner Beuschel, Brandenburg University of Applied Sciences, Germany [slides]

0945 Collaborative Knowledge Management: Identifying and Sharing Knowledge in Teams – Patricia Ruma Spence and Madhu Reddy, The Pennsylvania State University, United States. [slides]

1015 Cross-level Interactions in Coordination Practices: A Field Study of Patient Transfers in a Hospital – Joanna Abraham and Madhu Reddy, The Pennsylvania State University, United States [slides]

1045 Break

1115 Characteristics of Online Group Development: A Confluence of Group Identity and Social Network Structure – Sean Goggins, University of Missouri, United States [slides]

1145 Synergies between Multiple Lenses for CSCW – Steven Alter, University of San Francisco, United States [slides]

1230 Lunch

1400 The Materiality of Communication: How material objects are port of communication and work practices in healthcare – Carsten Oesterlund, Syracuse University, United States [slides]

1430 Articulating Knowledge Work: The changing technologies and strategies for list making – Victor M. Gonzalez and Yan Zhen Zhang, Manchester Business School, The University of Manchester, United Kingdom [slides]

1500 Break

1530 Knowledge Work and Collaborative Engineering in the German automobile industry – Rudi Schmiede, Annette Albert, and Mascha Will, Technical University Darmstadt, Germany [slides]

1600 Innovation work: Observations from a Case Study of Microsoft’s Surface Computing Project – Steve Sawyer and Mohammad Hussein Jarrahi, Syracuse University, United States [slides]

1630 Business Meeting

1830 Informal dinner